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From Holger Grandy <>
Subject RE: Future of Etch
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2010 14:14:57 GMT
Hi Doug, 

thanks a lot. 

Jira works fine, we will make a few issues now and continue with the other points next week.

A Hudson user would be best for me (grandyho) and Michael (fitzner). We will setup a build

using the current ant based build. After that we will probably need machine access for setting
up the C binding builds (ubuntu / windows). I suggest we first start with the general build
I will contact you again when we start with the C builds. Ok?

Whats missing is the Confluence Account. Should we contact infrastructure@.. or create an
in Jira? Or is it possible for any of you to change rights of our current limited confluence

We have seen an older mail regarding release 1.1. from April. I propose we start over to prepare
a release 
package in September and initiate a PMC vote regarding that when its ready. Will create Jiras
for that.
Proposal: remove the old release 1.1 branch, merge etch-c into trunk, fix bugs, create new
branch from trunk for 1.1

Holger & Michael

-----Original Message-----
From: Doug Cutting [] 
Sent: Mittwoch, 8. September 2010 18:48
Subject: Re: Future of Etch

On 09/08/2010 08:01 AM, Holger Grandy wrote:
> - someone (James?) please provide Jira Admin rights for michael
>    (user id: fitzner) and holger (user id: grandyho)
>    so that we are able to clean up the Jira tasks


> - please provide some information regarding the workflow to officially releases
>    in the ASF. We have seen that the last etch release was packaged to the
>    private website "public_html" of webspace of James Dixson. Guess that is
not how it is
>    intended to be. I would like to see releases here:
>    - or
>    -
>    Can we follow the process described at
> ?


> - set up  Etch builds for windows and linux on hudson build server.
>    Following it should be possible
>    to get access to the build servers for our project. I think our mentors
>    are the right persons to answer this question. Perfect would be a hudson user
>    account for administration of the builds at and
>    shell accounts for the Ubuntu ( or
>    and the Windows ( nodes to run the builds.
>    How does remote access for Windows work in this case? is remote desktop supported?

I can add a Hudson account for someone.  Who should I add?

> - please provide an overview about infrastructure roles inside the
>    etch project, so that everyone knows how is the right person to ask	
>    for certain jobs (e.g. svn rights, mailing list administration, ...)	

Any mentor should be able to update svn rights.  Once the project 
graduates, its chair is given this ability.

Mailing-lists are administered by moderators.  Would you and Michael 
like to be moderators for Etch's lists?  You can submit a request to 
moderate through the INFRA Jira, an email to infrastructure@, or 
sometimes just by asking nicely on the #asfinfra IRC channel.


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