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From scott comer <>
Subject Re: FW: Etch C Binding - how to continue?
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2010 13:09:41 GMT
no reflection on you or etch or anything. just my own personal state, 
which is wife is job searching and finishing school and i've got a 
deadline in two weeks with major server features and i love etch and am 
using it but have no issues really. it just works for me right now.

we had a plan, last year, for adding such features as befits a service 
oriented architecture: name service, configuration service, router, etc. 
you can read about those on the wiki. nobody responded to our ideas at 
the time. i'd like to see c and c++ and python and ruby bindings, fix a 
few bugs. i would like to contribute bosh / json binding which i have 
cooking, and my json/ajax(?) binding as well.

the wiki is in a not such a good state, and we could use some help there 
documenting what we do have and how to use it. there are other things 
listed in the jira that need doing.

i'd have more energy, i think, if there were folks actively interested 
in helping and discussing where things should go. it isn't really my job 
to say where etch should go in the absence of reasonable input from 
others. cisco informed our direction before, and we had a real need for 
the things we discussed. i might have a real need for them again. but i 
don't right now. i guess i'm just a little tired of talking into an 
empty room.

you could start by saying what it is you are looking for, where do you 
want to go? what's missing? what would be cool?

scott out

On 4/20/2010 5:13 AM, Holger Grandy wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> hi Youngjin,
> I hope you received our mail and that I should not conclude that no answer is also an
> What's up with Etch? I guess nobody of the current committers currently has time left
to actively
> develop Etch further. So is there any reason not to answer our mails?
> For us Etch is a very useable technology that fits our needs. We actively use it and
see good technical
> reasons for doing so. I know there are others that see it the same way. What is your
plan for the future of Etch?
> We will continue using it and develop for it. But of course the question on the sustainability
of such an
> approch arises. We want to prevent a true fork from the Apache Software Foundation.
> But at the moment we are really missing arguments on whether to further support etch
as an incubator
> project when there is not even some feedback regarding new contributions from the existing
> What do you think?
> Kind regards,
> Holger Grandy
> Michael Fitzner
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Holger Grandy
> Sent: Dienstag, 6. April 2010 13:21
> To: ''; ''
> Cc: Michael Fitzner
> Subject: Etch C Binding - how to continue?
> Hi Scott,
> hi Youngjin,
> did you find some time to look into our C binding source code for Etch?
> Today we prepared a new release of the C binding source, available at
> We have also been working on a wireshark plugin for etch, which is capable of reading
the idl's symbols
> and display etch calls on the wire. The C Compiler for etch has been adopted to generate
a suitable
> symbol list for wireshark. This is not yet finished, but I think we could opensource
this, too.
> How can we proceed with all this? We would really like to see the Etch project grow.
Is it possible
> to submit this source code also to the ASF? We would of course be available as committers,
if you
> want this and if you like the C Binding.
> Please give us feedback on what you think about it and make a suggestion on how to proceed.
We noticed
> that Etch in the ASF has become quiet in the last months... Let's awake it again :)
> Thanks a lot for your answer,
> Kind Regards,
> Holger Grandy
> and
> Michael Fitzner

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