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From James Dixson <>
Subject GIT mirror anyone?
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2009 20:47:32 GMT
I personally have been moving all of my day-to-day development from
subversion to git (http://git-scm/com).  I find it much easier to
manage multiple branches of development and experiment and try other
folks patches.

I have noticed recently that the infrastructure team has been
experimenting with GIT mirrors of apache subversion projects.

The purpose of the git mirror would be two fold:
 1. To have a pre-cloned GIT repository for Etch
 2. To allow other public GIT repos to reference the mirrored repository

#2 would be particularly helpful for folks out there experimenting
with Etch bindings/transports or potential new Etch core services
(like Etch Router) to do publicize their work more readily, (IMHO of
course :-) )

Is there anyone else besides myself that would be interested in a
public git mirror of the etch repository? Are there any objections to
requesting a GIT mirror from the infrastructure team?

NOTE: subversion is still the final source of truth, if it is not
accepted/checked-in to the subversion tree is not yet part of the
official etch codebase.



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