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From Vassil Dichev <>
Subject Re: The release! - where we are
Date Sun, 24 Jan 2010 17:11:42 GMT
I would also add "view pools" to the list, and it wouldn't be
difficult to implement.

I should focus next on sorting out the OpenID integration, and on the
related profile editing form.

On Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 3:32 PM, Anne Kathrine Petterøe
<> wrote:
> I also cannot say when I will finish the UI right now.
> At the moment I don't even have a machine to work on as the harddisk on my Mac said thank
you and goodbye last week. I borrowed a machine, but I cannot install any new software and
I refuse to code in Word, sorry.
> Please keep your fingers crossed it will be finished tomorrow.
> IMO the important ones for the first release are:
> ESME-47        UNRESOLVED      Some Licensing Nits
> ESME-111       UNRESOLVED      OpenID login/signon is broken
> ESME-132       UNRESOLVED      Signup using username that already exists
> /Anne
> On 24 Jan, 2010, at 07:20 , Richard Hirsch wrote:
>> Thanks Ethan.  I was also looking at the long list and thinking about
>> moving stuff to the 1.1 release.
>> Been also thinking about moving the UI to the next release.  What
>> about this idea:  Finish first release without the UI and then a
>> second one soon after with the UI. Knowing UI development, there are
>> probably a series of bugs that will emerge with the new UI.  I'd like
>> to avoid having to wait until all these bugs are cleared before the
>> first release.
>> Once we get one release finished, the ones that follow will be easier.
>> D
>> On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 11:59 PM, Anne Kathrine Petterøe
>> <> wrote:
>>> Yay 5 issues only, we can do this! :-)
>>> I agree with your suggestion Ethan. Our first release doesn't have to be technically
perfect, and at this point I think it is much more important to get it out the door than to
worry wether or not we have tabs on the message page.
>>> +1 from me.
>>> /Anne
>>> On 23 Jan, 2010, at 23:21 , Ethan Jewett wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> Now that we see the light at the end of the tunnel for our one major
>>>> blocking issue, I'd like to further whittle down the list of JIRA
>>>> items that need to be fixed for this release to go forward. The list
>>>> of unresolved issues for Release 1.0 can be found at
>>>> I think this list is too long and includes a lot of issues that are
>>>> not completely necessary to put out our first release. I've broken up
>>>> the issues into two lists: Those that must be resolved before this
>>>> release (licensing, new UI, OpenID, Profile page, and duplicate
>>>> username issue) and those that don't need to be resolved. Please see
>>>> below for the full lists.
>>>> I'd like to move all the issues that don't need to be resolved out of
>>>> Release 1.0. Is there anything in the second list that people can't
>>>> live without?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Ethan
>>>> Issues that must be resolved:
>>>> ESME-47        UNRESOLVED      Some Licensing Nits
>>>> ESME-100       UNRESOLVED      Finish web UI
>>>> ESME-111       UNRESOLVED      OpenID login/signon is broken
>>>> ESME-104       UNRESOLVED      Profile link is missing
>>>> ESME-132       UNRESOLVED      Signup using username that already exists
>>>> doesn't result in an error message
>>>> Issues that can move to next release:
>>>> ESME-105       UNRESOLVED Add password-related functionality
>>>> (forgot-my-password, etc.)
>>>> ESME-103       UNRESOLVED Tabs on Message Page
>>>> ESME-116       UNRESOLVED      Actions display user-ids rather than
user nicknames
>>>> ESME-117       UNRESOLVED      Current Filter Info on Streams page
>>>> ESME-71        UNRESOLVED      Pool - related functionality
>>>> ESME-112       UNRESOLVED      Timeline doesn't wrap on main page when
>>>> unbroken URL is displayed
>>>> ESME-108       UNRESOLVED      "View my pools" functionality
>>>> ESME-92        UNRESOLVED      Add description to the Access Pool
>>>> ESME-93        UNRESOLVED      After deleting a token no message is
sent to the browser
>>>> ESME-130       UNRESOLVED      Editing actions
>>>> ESME-115       UNRESOLVED      Messages that are created via action
should use tags
>>>> ESME-152       UNRESOLVED      Posting with Japanese characters cause
>>>> ESME-126       UNRESOLVED      Remove delete icons from tables
>>>> ESME-127       UNRESOLVED      Remove sorting from tables where it
doesn't make sense

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