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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject professionalism
Date Sun, 24 Jan 2010 15:07:30 GMT
For those of you who don't quite know me, I am one of
the ASF's contracted sysadmins.  I'm writing this note
to tell you that I'm sorry for letting my emotions get
the better of me this week with regards to the recent vote.
I should've maintained a bit more composure when dealing
with Robert's veto, but Robert and I have a bit of a history
when it comes to ASF policy and its enforceability.

I also regret that the best outcome here, which would be
to move David's copyright notices to the NOTICE file, was
not supported by the org.  Sometimes that happens with
Apache, that the best outcome cannot be achieved, because
volunteer armies are frisky and generally risk-averse.
It is times like these when comments about a circus-like
atmosphere ring true to me, but fortunately they are relatively
rare at Apache.  It is a large and diverse organization
and people want what's best for it, even if they're coming
at the problems we face from different perspectives (and 

I am happy to see that people remained in contact with David,
and have worked to achieve the best outcome.  They are to
be commended for that effort, and I'd like to thank David for
being agreeable and allowing this project to remain in full
compliance with Apache policy.

As for my interest in esme, I will remain available on the list
for a while to assist where I can, but for the most part will
try to remain quiet.  It's now up to the mentors and committers
to continue to steer the ship in a positive direction.

Best of luck going forward.

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