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From Ethan Jewett <>
Subject Issues currently assigned to release 1.0 that I would like to change
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 03:24:15 GMT
Actually, I wrote the last email looking for guidance and then just
went through all the Release 1.0 issues and compiled the list of
things I want to change.

I think it's important that we push to get a release out, and part of
doing this is having a clear view of what is part of the release. When
we are pushing for a release, I think it is important to identify what
*must* go in and what can wait. Generally, if something is not
absolutely required, I think it should go in the next release. If
someone cares about it and gets a patch in before we release, then
great, but if not it shouldn't stop the release. Therefore the largest
list by far is the list of things I want to move to Release 1.1.

This is the list of issues I've reviewed and more recommended changes
and rationales. Please review and respond if there are things you
don't agree with. If there is no objection, I will try to make these
changes this weekend.


Change to "Fixed":

1. - Implement access
pools <-- Looks to me like this is complete
2. - Static Texts in
Resource File <-- Is this complete? We have Chinese translations
3. - Change Date format
to make lists sortable: Users and Streams pages <-- This appears to be
fixed (I've set it to resolved)

Change to "Won't fix":

1. - Ability to add
tags to message are missing <-- Tags can be added through hash tags,
or API
2. - Some Licensing Nits
<-- Seems like the result of the discussion was "Won't fix"

Move to Release 1.1:

1. - HTTP Post Actions
should post a message with the results of the HTTP post action <--
Lack of consensus on proper implementation (keep as patch for release
2. - Harmonize code to
display of users <-- Nice to have, not required for release (also
blocked by new UI)
3. - Harmonize
tag/found word searches <-- Nice to have, part of new UI build (now
4. - JMX support <-- Nice to have
5. - Unifying server
calls (JSON-related) <-- Seems like a nice to have
6. - Message when user
is deleted from a pool is missing <-- Seems like a nice to have
7. - Messages for
Action Page <-- Nice to have, and needs more discussion
8. - Messages for
Streams Page <-- Nice to have, and needs more discussion
9. - Messages for Track
Page are missing <-- Nice to have, and needs more discussion (or
perhaps I'm misunderstanding this group of issues)

Needs discussion or more information:

1. - Current Filter
Info on Streams page <-- Is this functionality ready for or required
for a 1.0 release? Perhaps we should hide streams for the 1.0 release?
2. - Posting with
Japanese characters cause problems <-- We need a failing test

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