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From Richard Hirsch <>
Subject Re: Resend Functionality
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2009 12:26:16 GMT
You may want to look at the new graphs on the Stax Console (you still
have access :->), you will see exactly what memory usage in this
enviroment looks like.


On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 2:08 PM, Vassil Dichev<> wrote:
> Hey, I thought you did Monday deployments only on Monday, you caught
> me by surprise in the middle of a development cycle :)
>> I am wondering if Vassil is the only who can see the retsent messages?
>> At least he could see my resent messages although they never showed up in my
>> timeline.
> A message will not appear in your timeline if it's already there. The
> whole point of resending messages was that the message is not
> duplicated like it is with the numerous retweets in Twitter. This
> means that the resender will not see a change in her/his timeline,
> which is a bit unfortunate, because we don't have any feedback that
> something has happened. Perhaps an icon could change or the button
> could disappear, or a status message could appear... Please bear with
> me, I'll eventually get it right.
>> Actually right now none of my messages show up in the timeline. I just sent
>> 4 and they all disappeared.
> There seem to be some stability issues, which we also experienced the
> last weeks independently of the newly developed features. Maybe this
> is memory-related, but it's hard to confirm. Not sure how much memory
> we need, but I remember reading somewhere that Stax limits memory to
> 256MB, which might be a bit too tight for a servlet container,
> embedded database (!) and 2 actor implementations running at the same
> time.
>> I'm not quite sure I understand the resend functionality. Tried it on
>> Stax and I'm not sure if it works correctly.
> Actually I've just made explicit what was already in ESME. Even before
> the changes, there was the "resend" action, but it would run only if
> the message satisfies the filter criteria. The only thing that's
> changed now is that you can invoke this action manually for a message,
> and you can also see the reason of the message (which was stored in
> the timeline data in the DB, but just wasn't displayed). Try a
> "resend" action on or
> to see what I mean (e.g. filter "any" will catch all messages).
>> Like the idea that a mesage now includes a reason for appearing in
>> your timeline but what are the other possible reasons: "followed",
> The reason is information about how the message got to your timeline.
> It's especially useful in the context of resent messages, because all
> of a sudden you'll see messages in your timeline from users, which
> you're not even following. The reason is not a part of the message
> itself and can be different for the same message but for different
> users. Each of the hooks has a different reason, but we might not
> display that information, because it's duplicated a lot with the
> message source.
>> It would probably be better if in the final UI, this reason was
>> represent by a special icon.
> Absolutely, I didn't want to focus on this right now. I think there
> are too many columns right now and it's better to represent some of
> this information with visual cues- (color? icons?).
> Vassil

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