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From Vassil Dichev <>
Subject Re: Is anyone going to the BASE meeting at LinkedIn tonight?
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2009 07:39:39 GMT
> I went and it was pretty good, although the traffic getting there was
> horrible. Yes, I saw Michael there but didn't ask him because I didn't think
> he was part of ESME because I haven't seen his email or name on the list or
> JIRA. Its fine, is just sometimes nice to speak and ask questions face to
> face when the opportunity arises.

Surprisingly, there are places other than San Francisco where people
work with Scala ;-) The ESME team, though small, is spread around the

> I only wanted to go over a couple of things. There are almost no comments in
> the source and stepping though multi threaded apps with a debugger isn't too
> easy. Picking the best spots to gather stats without peppering the whole
> codebase has been a bit challenging because there is so much recursive-like
> ( I know that is a bad description ) message passing and no comments to
> indicate how classes/methods/traits etc. should and are being used. However,
> I am coming along and have some code written. I will be uploading it soon. I
> keep getting sidetracked with work emergencies.

As soon as we have something decent to show with ESME, I'll focus on
documentation- I promise. I'm almost finished with the feature set I
personally want to see in the upcoming (hopefully soon) release.

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