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From "Hirsch, Richard" <>
Subject RE: Details from Stax Load test
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2009 07:01:21 GMT
I'd like to try load tests later in the Stax Environment when Scala 2.7.3  is released with
the new ESME Core from apache. Since Daniel's tests are based on the REST-API, we don't have
to wait for the UI to be stable or finished. 
Regarding the use of jetty vs tomcat in such tests: The question is which tool is more likely
to be used by potential users. I'm assuming tomcat, primarily because I've never seen jetty
in a productive system in the enterprise. I also don't know if Stax supports jetty. Ideal
would be a comparison between the two.
What I think is great is the ability to use Stax to do load tests. The environment is perfect
for such tasks. We should probably use a cluster the next time we test to see how that influences
test results.
We will publish our results from these tests. I know of no other microblogging tool (or many
other tools irregardless of type) that proactively publishes such results. By publishing such
reports, we will enhance our legitimacy in the community and the marketplace. We also spotlight
the use of cloud computing as a potential hosting environment for potential users. 
I'm in contact with Spike Washburn (CEO from Stax) and I think we have a good contact there
for future reference. 


From: David Pollak []
Sent: Thu 1/8/2009 06:32
Subject: Re: Details from Stax Load test

Tomcat is a less than optimal platform for high concurrent load.  It does
not have the same continuations mechanism that Jetty has.  All my high load
tests are done on Jetty.  With that being said, ESME's long polling for the
HTTP APIs does not take advantage of Jetty's continuations yet.  That's on
my to-do list, but to date has not been a high priority.

Another issue is that there's a problem with Scala Actors and memory in
Scala 2.7.2.  The Scala team is releasing Scala 2.7.3 this week or next to
cure the memory problems.

Also, the continuations that Jetty currently supports are part of the
Servlet 3.0 spec and should be part of NetWeaver this year.



On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 8:54 PM, Hirsch, Richard

> Here are some details for a very first performance test on Stax for the
> ESME server. Daniel tried with 1000 concurrent connections and then the
> server started having some problems. Take a look at the enclosed stack trace
> and you will see that towards the end there were problems with the threads.
> I'm also enclosing a picture of the Stax performance indicators. I don't
> know the exact dimensions of the test but I'm sure Daniel will provide them
> soon.
> Load tests are critical if we are to succeed in enterprises. They are also
> critical when customers need sizing information. I assume that they should
> also be useful for the lift framework.
> D.
> ________________________________
> From: Spike Washburn []
> Sent: Wed 1/7/2009 23:13
> To: Hirsch, Richard
> Subject: Re: Stax account
> The activity died back down for a bit, but then the app started sucking up
> memory and CPU like it was stuck in a loop.  When we checked the logs, we
> saw it was throwing out of memory exceptions.  Since the app was clearly in
> a death spiral, we took a JVM stack dump and then restarted the app.  I have
> attached the last part of the appserver log if you want to review it.
> Also I noticed from the log that your app is getting warnings about
> including the servlet-api-2.5.jar in WEB-INF/lib. This is not necessary
> since the Servlet API classes are part of the classpath provided by the
> appserver.
> Before your app died we were seeing upwards of 1000 concurrent connections
> to your app.  Please let me know if you were expecting this load or if it
> was some kind of external attack against your app.
> Thanks,
> Spike
> On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 1:09 PM, Spike Washburn <>
> wrote:
>        Hi Dick,
>        We just noticed a major spike in activity on your application (id:
> DickHirsch/esmecloudserver).  I just wanted to check with you to see if you
> were doing some load testing or if this was some kind of external attack on
> your webapp.
>        Thanks,
>        Spike

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