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From Bill Fernandez <>
Subject RE: The ESME to-do list
Date Wed, 24 Dec 2008 19:27:55 GMT

Thank you for the kind words.  Yes, I'd like to complete the design I 
sketched out for ESME.  I'm waiting for David (or someone else) to 
act as project leader and coordinate all our efforts.

Happy holidays,

At 7:59 AM +0100 12/16/08, Hirsch, Richard wrote:
>Thanks for your offer. This is great news. Everyone who has seen 
>your UI design really likes it.  I'd like to suggest flushing out 
>the design you started (there are still some parts missing) and 
>using that as the basis for the new web client.
>From: Bill Fernandez []
>Sent: Tue 12/16/2008 06:39
>To: David Pollak
>Cc:; Bill Fernandez
>Subject: Re: The ESME to-do list
>I would think that I'd be able to work on the web-based user
>interface architecture for ESME, as well as developing concepts and
>rules, etc. for functionality like federations, access control,
>pools, actions, etc.
>I have experience with designing rapid application development
>environments (for example I WAS the UI designer on the HyperCard
>project at Apple),  access control models, working with data
>repositories (I was the first UI Architect at Documentum), and other
>relevant areas.
>Depending upon the circumstances I might also be able to code user
>interfaces in HTML and CSS, and do visual design.
>Although I have programmed in the past, and have dabbled a bit with
>JavaScript and PHP, you should not count on me for any programming.
>Does this help?
>At 10:22 AM -0800 12/15/08, David Pollak wrote:
>There are a fair number of projects that need to be coordinated in
>order to keep ESME growing and evolving.  I'd like to list what I
>think the projects are and see if we can get some owners for the
>Web-based User interface.  Create and manage a powerful, flexible
>web-based UI that has access to all the ESME features and can be
>customized easily.
>              ... snip...
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