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Subject svn commit: r990171 - /incubator/esme/trunk/CHANGES.txt
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2010 15:03:27 GMT
Author: rhirsch
Date: Fri Aug 27 15:03:26 2010
New Revision: 990171

[ESME-265] Generic Task to prepare for 1.1 release


Modified: incubator/esme/trunk/CHANGES.txt
--- incubator/esme/trunk/CHANGES.txt (original)
+++ incubator/esme/trunk/CHANGES.txt Fri Aug 27 15:03:26 2010
@@ -1,5 +1,84 @@
 ESME Change Log
+Release 1.1-incubating - 09/10/2010
+ESME-14	        Redesign, rework, write unit tests for, and fully document API
+ESME-100	Finish web UI
+ESME-103	"Tabs on Message Page"
+ESME-117	Current Filter Info on Streams page
+ESME-126	Remove delete icons from tables
+ESME-127	Remove sorting from tables where it doesn't make sense
+ESME-147	Images in the user view are not scaled
+ESME-155	DB Problems during Tomcat shutdown
+ESME-160	Move to Lift 2.0
+ESME-163	Search in the web interface is case sensitive (and not in a good way)
+ESME-165	Remove blanks from property files
+ESME-169	"Exception on Strems Page based on message model - ""asJS"""
+ESME-171	"Display of user avatar is missing"
+ESME-172	"User list is displayed incorrectly with extralong user names"
+ESME-173	"Stream UI can't deal with extra long messages"
+ESME-174	"Popular links aren't links"
+ESME-175	IE 7 doesn't work at all with new layout
+ESME-176	"Sign-up Page is broken"
+ESME-177	"Add links to users in streams page"
+ESME-179	"Resend is broken"
+ESME-180	Creating a new pool doesn't lead to a ajax-based refresh
+ESME-181	"Clicking ""reply"" link provides no feedback"
+ESME-182	"On sign-in form, ""Enter""/""Return"" key does not submit the form"
+ESME-183	"On the sign-in page, the footer is on the right side of the page"
+ESME-184	Regular action that don't generate messages push real messages out of user timeline
+ESME-185	"Menu overlaps avatar"
+ESME-186	"Popular message and link formatting is currently not working"
+ESME-187	Layout of message input interface - improvement suggestion
+ESME-189	"Clicking on a menu link shouldn't make the item disappear - should only be unclickable"
+ESME-190	Strange issue on Streams page
+ESME-192	"Install JQuery UI ""Redmond"" theme from for modal
dialogs and tabs"
+ESME-194	User Page is buggy
+ESME-196	"Message layout in IE6 is broken"
+ESME-197	API2: Add the messageid when creating new messages
+ESME-198	Action: We need an action that tests for a specific message id
+ESME-199	API2: the replyto element seems not to be filled when retrieving via the api
+ESME-200	GET /users/actions don't retrieve disabled actions
+ESME-201	API2: a PUT to /users/action/MESSAGEID results in a 403
+ESME-202	Conversation view is broken"
+ESME-203	Clicking ""reply"" link on a message should populate pool with the same pool as
the message - ""remove reply"" should remove the pool"
+ESME-204	On ""My Contacts"" page both tabs are labelled ""Followers"" - one should be ""Following"""
+ESME-205	Search is broken
+ESME-206	Login via Open-ID is broken
+ESME-207	"Main (IE7) - Message display (tools area!) is broken - linked to <div class=""separator"">"
+ESME-208	[IE7] Message resend broken
+ESME-209	[IE7] Public - errors?
+ESME-210	Users (IE7) - word wrap broken
+ESME-211	Search ignores pools
+ESME-212	Messages from pools aren't hidden
+ESME-216	Can't add a user to a pool
+ESME-217	You can create an action with empty test / action fields
+ESME-223	Date format on users pages doesn't work
+ESME-224	Feed Actor Date parser error
+ESME-226	reduce log entries
+ESME-227	Empty search shouldn't be possible
+ESME-229	tags are present twice on streams page
+ESME-230	action-based filters don't work on streams
+ESME-231	footer on streams page doesn't adjust to longer streams
+ESME-232	add logchanger
+ESME-234	Reply doesn't work when message conatins chars that must be encoded
+ESME-236	Clean Web UI Files
+ESME-237	Script paths are wrong in Tomcat
+ESME-238	Sort pool drop alphabetically
+ESME-239	[IE7] Message reply doesn't work
+ESME-240	Can't create RSS feed based action UI
+ESME-241	No error when adding an unknown user to a pool
+ESME-242	The use of metadata in the api2 currently doesn't work
+ESME-243	Pool selectbox option value wrong
+ESME-257	Pools with an empty description result in an error in the pool edit view
+ESME-259	Pool selector in streams doesn't work anymore
+ESME-260	User pages aren't protected with authentication
+ESME-261	"User Id shown in actions when using ""&"""
+ESME-262	Pool Id shown in actions display instead of pool description
+ESME-263	Action test with day isn't restricted to correct days of week
+ESME-264	Logout from a user pages is wrong
 Release 1.0-incubating - 02/28/2010
 ESME-12 List of missing REST APIs functionality

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