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From Tim Colson <>
Subject User/Dev lists - activity and search
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2011 16:38:26 GMT
I'm new here. ;-) 

I saw the discussion about building the community for Empire DB, but browsing the two lists
is arduous. Is there a *searchable* archive and or a digest/summary of what's been happening
over the years for newbies to get up to speed?

RE: building community, I stumbled on Empire DB due to a search on "Hibernate and JPA". 

That landed me on the "What's wrong with..." article, which although informative, direct,
and thought provoking, the tone put me off a bit and maybe it's having a similar effect on
others. Maybe a title change to "Empire DB advantages over traditional Hibernate and JPA"
and a few edits to the tone of the article might get more readers to think about Empire DB?


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