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From Kenji Nakamura <>
Subject Prepared statement support?
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2010 09:07:20 GMT

I got a question from one of our DB engineer about the use of prepared
According to him, or a thread in AskTom, it is always preferred to use
PreparedStatement instead of Statement whenever possible.

As far as I looked at the code, PreparedStatement is not used other
than DBDatabaseDriver class and the method is not used from other

My understanding is that creation of PreparedStatement has certain
overhead, but statement pooling introduced in JDBC 3.0 mitigates the
impact especially from application server point of view.
We use Oracle, and the DB engineer explained that the use of statement
floods the library cache in SGA and reduce the hit rate of
pre-compiled statements so it has negative impact on entire db, and
using PreparedStatement simply reduces the cost of hard parse.

Another aspect is about SQL injection prevention. I noticed single
quotes are escaped at DBDatabaseDriver#getValueString() method, but
the preferred way to prevent SQL injection is to use PreparedStatement
according to OWASP website.

Would you tell me the design philosophy or reasons not to use or
provide the option to use prepared statement? Is it possible, or have
a plan to support PreparedStatement?


Kenji Nakamura

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