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From exxos <>
Subject UNION and the parentheses
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2010 13:18:17 GMT

According to the MySQL's documentation (5.0), if the ORDER BY or the LIMIT
clause, are used with UNION, the "( )" have to be added to each SELECT
"To use an ORDER BY or LIMIT clause to sort or limit the entire UNION
result, parenthesize the individual SELECT statements and place the ORDER BY
or LIMIT after the last one."

But empire-db version 2.0.6 produces "<DBCommand> UNION (<DBCommand>) ORDER
BY <DBColumn>" and there is no "( )" to the first SELECT.

But by chance it continues to work with the ORDER BY, but with the keyword
LIMIT it stops!

The class in charge to build the UNION command seems to be DBCombinedCmd
(line 102 - public boolean getSelect(StringBuilder buf) )

Could you please advise about a workarround?


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