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From McKinley <>
Subject Re: DBCommandExpr.orderBy(), why auto UPPER CASE, adding twice the same column
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 00:46:19 GMT
Is the goal portability between identical schema on different database
systems? I am not sure why Empire-db should change the case of columns
returned from a DBReader. Is it so that API users are confined to only
expect column names of one case so that they do not come to depend on
them? Does it have something to do with passing a DBRecord from one
database system to another?

Column casing in a schema holds a lot of useful information. It seems
a shame to not pass it along. I would like to help with solutions to
any of the tricky aspects of including it.



Rainer wrote:

> In order to maintain code portability Empire-db must ensure that table, view and column
> are treated case-insensitive. For some databases this could mean automatically converting
> names to lower or upper case.

Francis wrote:

> Long time ago we decided to make it all upper case. We could have gone for all lower
> case or left casing completely - but it does not matter. All column, table, view etc.
> are case-insensitive and should be treated that way. Hence this is only an issue for
> and logging. But of course this is something we could talk about.

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