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From Rainer Döbele <>
Subject re: Retrieving auto-generated keys after insert
Date Wed, 07 Oct 2009 20:51:10 GMT
Hi Andrew,

looks like this is a issue of how the method getNextSequenceValue() is implemented in the
HSQLDB driver.
I will check this.

Thanks and regards
Rainer wrote:
> Re: Retrieving auto-generated keys after insert
> 2009/10/5 Rainer Döbele <>:
> >> I am a bit surprised about the case problem as I did not expect HSQL
> to be case sensitive at this point.
> > I must admit that I am more familiar with Oracle and SQL Server. But
> I agree that the driver should deal with this problem to make the
> client code as portable as possible. The casing of a database object
> should not matter.
> > The quoting of the names usually depends on key-words but can be
> overridden in detectQuoteName(String name) from the driver.
> > If you find a good way to do it and you want to share your findings
> with us we will publish it with the next release.
> I have not tried this, but the simplest way to avoid the problem would
> be to always quote names.  So if this problem is limited to HSQL then
> you could simply change detectQuoteName to always return true (but see
> my comments below)
> Otherwise, it appears that in this case the value must be quoted in
> one place because it is used to retrieve a value from a system table,
> so the table name is being treated as a literal string.  In that case,
> a specific fix would be to force the string to upper case if it is
> *not* quoted normally (ie if detectQuoteName is false).
> More generally, this is the first time I have worked with HSQL, but I
> have had similar problems in the past with other databases.  I suspect
> that your library works not because other databases don't also assume
> unquoted names are upper case, but because you are always consistent
> in quoting or not quoting.  That breaks in this particular case for
> the reason noted above (that the table name is treated as a literal
> string).  And since the code in question is related to sequence
> generation, and other databases don't use that approach by default (if
> I understood your previous email correctly) this problem may occur for
> other databases, but simply isn't noticed because they handle
> autoincrement in a different way.
> Andrew

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