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From andrew cooke <>
Subject Re: Importing XML
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2009 12:38:45 GMT

I am doing this project to learn Scala, so this is the first time for me.

Yes, I think it is the future of Java.  The current fashion is to
integrate features from functional languages into OO languages, and
Scala is the best and most popular approach to doing this with Java.

You do not need to do anything to integrate Empire DB with Scala,
because Scala inter-operates very nicely with Java.  I have had no
problems at all using Empire DB from Scala.  For example, here is my
very nice (IMHO!) code for the schema definition -

However, Scala does still have problems.  The tool support is not very
good - there is an Eclipse plugin, but it is missing quite basic
features (having said that, there is a build tool called "sbt" -
simple build tool - that is really really impressive; if you do try
Scala I strongly recommend using it).  And I had to upgrade to the
development version before it would inter-operate with another Java
library (the Jersey web sevrices library) due to a Scala compiler bug.

One reason I am looking at Scala is that at work we use both Python
and Java, and we would like the advantages of Python with the type
safety of Java.  Scala is exactly what we need.  But I will not be
recommending its use just yet - it needs to mature a little more.

I hope that helps!


2009/10/13 Francis De Brabandere <>:
> Hi andrew,
> A bit offtopic. Do you use scala a lot? Do you think it is the future
> for java? Would there be a need for empire-db - scala integration
> code?
> Thanks,
> Francis
> On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 2:17 PM, andrew cooke <> wrote:
>> Sorry, no - my fault.  I was using getRecordData instead of open.  Andrew
>> 2009/10/13 andrew cooke <>:
>>> Also, the dump is missing the first element of each table.  I believe
>>> that is a bug in Empire DB, but I will first try to reproduce it in
>>> Java and then file a report with a simple example.
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