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From Benjamin Venditti <>
Subject Code Generator [first insights]
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2009 21:03:52 GMT
Hi there,

first of all, many thanks to Thomas Poling" for supplying his code about 
the database generator, i'm looking forward to work with it. I really 
think this could be a very valuable addition to EmpireDB.
I compiled code generator you supplied and read the documentation and 
tried to execute it with a hsql-database some of my fellow students and 
i designed 2 years ago. Unfortunately i could not get it running out of 
the box. I had to make the following two adjustments in order to get the 
classes generated.

CHANGE 1:    dbcodegen.db.Database:73
        ResultSet tables = dbMeta.getTables(schemaName, null, "",  new 
String[] {"TABLE"});
changed to:
        ResultSet tables = dbMeta.getTables(null, schemaName, null, new 
String[] {"TABLE"});

CHANGE 2:    dbcodegen.db.Table:161
        ResultSet pkRs = dbMeta.getPrimaryKeys(null, schema, tableName);
changed to:
        ResultSet pkRs = dbMeta.getPrimaryKeys(schema, null, tableName);

The generated classes contain a lot of compilation errors, as the 
templates contain a few imports/references to classes like 
I'm going to play around with the templates soon and let you know more 
about my results.


Thomas Poling schrieb:
> Greetings All:
> Attached is the code generator to create table/record classes based on 
> database schema meta-data.
> Please read the Word document in the docs folder first.
> I only have a MySQL database so I haven't tried to make it flexible 
> enough to use with other databases.  I'm hoping someone with a little 
> more DB experience can investigate what it would take to use it with 
> other databases.
> Please note that in the src folder all the classes under the tfmm 
> folder are NOT part of the code generator.  They are mostly the code 
> that was generated based on my database.  I've included the scripts 
> for this database under the dbscripts folder.  You can also ignore the 
> EnumType class for now - I wanted to allow conversion between 
> constrained strings in the DB and java enumerated types, but haven't 
> gotten to this yet.
> Let me know what you think and if we might be able to use this as a 
> starting point for something that could be included in a future 
> release of EmpireDB.
> Thanks, Tom 

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