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From "Thomas Poling" <>
Subject Code Generator
Date Fri, 24 Jul 2009 01:12:45 GMT
I found Empire DB about a month ago and love it.
I've been waiting for this type of solution to Java persistence since JDBC came out!  Long
wait :)
For educational purposes I decided to model some of the tables I use at work to try it out.
 Because of the number of tables and columns, I wrote a very simple code generator to create
the table and record classes based on DB meta-data. It was simple and it works well.  Using
Empire DB is much easier and more flexible than using those big ORM frameworks.

Does anyone know of any other code generators for Empire DB out there?  Mine is rather limited
because I just wrote it to help in learning Empire DB.  Ultimately, my goal is to convince
my project manager to ditch TopLink and go to Empire DB.  Having a robust code generator so
we can have our Java persistence running almost out of the box would help in achieving this

Thanks, Tom
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