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From Rainer Döbele <>
Subject AW: How about drop/alter table and column?
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2009 16:21:45 GMT
Hi bachew,

what you need is a DBScript object and the getDLLScript() method on DBDatabaseDriver.

Here's an example how to do it:

// required objects
DBDatabaseDriver driver = db.getDriver();
DBSQLScript script = new DBSQLScript();

// create a new table
DBTable Employees = new Employees(db);
driver.getDDLScript(DBCmdType.CREATE, Employees, script);, conn, false);

// create a new column (if table already exists)
DBTableColumn myColumn = Employees.addColumn("MyColumn", DataType.TEXT, 50, true);
driver.getDDLScript(DBCmdType.CREATE, myColumn, script);, conn, false);

// drop the column
driver.getDDLScript(DBCmdType.DROP, myColumn, script);, conn, false);
Employees.getColumns().remove(myColumn); // remove it from the table object!

// drop a table
driver.getDDLScript(DBCmdType.DROP, Employees, script);, conn, false);
db.getTables().remove(Employees); // remove the table object from the db

I recommend debugging through the advanced sample (SampleAdvApp). 
The method ddlSample() does exactly what you are asking for and performs a data model change
at runtime.


bachew wrote:
/ re: How about drop/alter table and column?
/ Hi,
/ I did some quick search in the API, couldn't find API to drop/alter table and column. This
is important because / some applications might perform data model upgrade.
/ Please advise.

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