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From "Francis De Brabandere" <>
Subject Re: Maven support for the upcoming 2.0.5 release
Date Sat, 15 Nov 2008 10:11:31 GMT
I'll take care of the Contributor License Agreement this evening.

> Still I plead for a smooth transition in two phases:
> Phase one: Take the current distribution (apache-empire-db-2.0.4-incubating
> and apache-empire-struts2-ext-1.0.4-incubating from
> and restructure it for Maven
> in a way that it best possibly conforms to all Maven conventions. This would
> also include putting all required files into the maven repository. Next we
> will change our distribution scripts to build the distribution in that way
> for the 2.0.5 release.

Uploading the current distribution to the central repo should not be a
problem. I'll make the needed pom files and stuff.

> Phase two: Once the 2.0.5. release is out and everybody had a chance to see
> the benefits, we can restructure our internal SVN structure in the same way.

Is the 2.0.5 release planned for the near future?



> I hope this approach is feasible and if so I think it is sensible.
> We should possibly consider all options and call for a vote.
> Regards
> Rainer
> Francis De Brabandere wrote:
>>> Personally I am open for any kind of change if I can see the advantage.
>>> For
>>> the moment however I would prefer starting with a Maven solution for the
>>> users of the distribution first, and maybe later on we can change the
>>> internal project layout too.
>>> What do you think?
>> Well the problem is that just creating some pom files without changing
>> the project structure would complicate the maven build a lot. As
>> Martijn said, maven is all about conventions, trying to fight those is
>> looking for trouble. Maven has proven itself and is used by some of
>> the biggest open source java frameworks. The advantage is that when
>> you know how a maven project is structured, you feel at home in any
>> maven based project out there.
>> Users using maven for their build typically don't even care how your
>> project is built or released. All they care about is that the files
>> are available in the central maven repository (or some other public
>> repo) and that all needed dependencies are configured correctly. For
>> them the distribution you are talking about is not needed: the source,
>> binaries and javadoc will be fetched during the initial build and set
>> up in their ide.  The first thing I do when some of my projects need
>> and extra dependency is looking it up on
>> (I even use their RSS feed to keep myself up to date on the new
>> releases for java related frameworks)
>> Maven is able to perform the task of both build files you described.
>> Distribution files can be built using the assembly plugin (ex
>> Francis

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