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From Rainer Döbele <>
Subject Re: Maven support for the upcoming 2.0.5 release
Date Sat, 15 Nov 2008 09:16:20 GMT
Hi Francis,

you really seem to have a sound knowledge of Maven and know what you are talking about.
That is good and exactly what we need.

I very much appreciate that you want to contribute to our project and you are welcome to be
a committer on our project. In order to become a committer you first have to fill out and
submit a Contributor License Agreement (see I am not
quite sure who is going to put you on the project committer list and grant the access privileges
- you may want to ask Henning ( or Martijn (

I think basically we are all committed of doing it the Maven way, but for me the questions
remains on how far how fast.

What I am still a bit concerned about, is that we will face problems in the transition phase
and that it will be harder for us to make changes and to publish a new release. Setting it
all up the way it is working now took quite a bit of effort and I don't think it'll be that
easy to get everything right with Maven immediately. Especially since none of us other committers
is really familiar with Maven so far (although we're willing to learn).

Still I plead for a smooth transition in two phases:

Phase one: Take the current distribution (apache-empire-db-2.0.4-incubating and apache-empire-struts2-ext-1.0.4-incubating
from and restructure it for Maven in a way
that it best possibly conforms to all Maven conventions. This would also include putting all
required files into the maven repository. Next we will change our distribution scripts to
build the distribution in that way for the 2.0.5 release.

Phase two: Once the 2.0.5. release is out and everybody had a chance to see the benefits,
we can restructure our internal SVN structure in the same way.

I hope this approach is feasible and if so I think it is sensible.
We should possibly consider all options and call for a vote.


Francis De Brabandere wrote:
>> Personally I am open for any kind of change if I can see the advantage. For
>> the moment however I would prefer starting with a Maven solution for the
>> users of the distribution first, and maybe later on we can change the
>> internal project layout too.
>> What do you think?
> Well the problem is that just creating some pom files without changing
> the project structure would complicate the maven build a lot. As
> Martijn said, maven is all about conventions, trying to fight those is
> looking for trouble. Maven has proven itself and is used by some of
> the biggest open source java frameworks. The advantage is that when
> you know how a maven project is structured, you feel at home in any
> maven based project out there.
> Users using maven for their build typically don't even care how your
> project is built or released. All they care about is that the files
> are available in the central maven repository (or some other public
> repo) and that all needed dependencies are configured correctly. For
> them the distribution you are talking about is not needed: the source,
> binaries and javadoc will be fetched during the initial build and set
> up in their ide.  The first thing I do when some of my projects need
> and extra dependency is looking it up on
> (I even use their RSS feed to keep myself up to date on the new
> releases for java related frameworks)
> Maven is able to perform the task of both build files you described.
> Distribution files can be built using the assembly plugin (ex
> Francis

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