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From Francis De Brabandere <>
Subject Re: Patch for consideration
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 14:53:57 GMT
Hi Matt,

Thanks for the patch, I'll try to put it in as fast as possible. Would
you mind posting it on
and attaching the patch while checking the
"Grant license to ASF for inclusion in ASF works" box.

Let's further discuss the PS & PPS on the list


On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 4:44 PM, Matt DeHoust <> wrote:
> Hello Empire Devs,
> I have been using empire with some success lately and will share my findings
> as soon as I get past my deadline. Still much to do!
> In the meantime, I have a patch to offer for consideration. The patch is
> against the 2.1.0-incubating release version, but should work against the
> current code base too.
> The problem is that the codegen parser does not set the decimal digits for
> the size of DECIMAL columns. This leads to problems if you use empire-db to
> generate your schema. You expect DECIMAL(10,2) but get DECIMAL(10,0).
> The patch includes a test case to show the problem, as well as a proposed
> solution.
> Thanks for your consideration.
> Matt DeHoust
> P.S. While I'm on the subject, modelling the column size as a double has
> inherent limitations. For example, how do you represent a DECIMAL value with
> 20 decimal digits? Are there any plans to address this going forward?
> P.P.S. I also have a use case where it would be helpful for DBViewColumn to
> include column size information. Column size it is not available in the
> current DBViewColumn model. It's not urgent, but thought I'd mention it in
> case someone wants to take a look.

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