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From Rainer Döbele <>
Subject AW: summer is almost gone
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2010 21:29:55 GMT
Hi Benjamin,

good to hear from you and glad you are still on.

Guess everyone was busy. I did not manage to do as much as I intended and I am still not knowing
where to begin.
I am still playing around with that CombinedCmd when setting a limit issue.
Furthermore the limit support is "limited" currently to MySql and SQLServer.

BTW: have we made sure, that the DBGenerator works with all databases?

Still the No 1 issue would be to advertise empire-db possibly by writing an article or something
e.g. on tss or the Java magazine.
This however is kind of a complex task that needs plenty of attention, so I am not really
expecting anyone to tackle it although it would be great.


Benjamin Venditti wrote:
> from: Benjamin Venditti []
> to:
> re: summer is almost gone
>   Hi there,
> i just had a look at the empre-db issues list in jira to see what i can
> do.
> Issue  EMPIREDB-61 "Create a scala example project" looks interesting
> to
> me. I'll have a shot at it and hope to show you the first results at
> the
> end of the week. There is an other issue EMPIREDB-75 which i think can
> be closed.
> So what have you been doing during summer? I for one had to work in
> july
> and august, i.e. i missed the best part of this years summer. However i
> could spent some time in sweden, as a friend of mine moved to Lund
> recently. I also visited Stockholm and i must say, i realy like it
> there. I think i'll go there again next summer.
> Hope you had a nice summer-vacation, too.
> Best Regards,
>      Benjamin

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