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From McKinley <>
Subject Re: questions..
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 17:53:50 GMT
1) Yes, it should work. I have used DB2 on the AS/400 in the past and
the JDBC driver support was very good. Empire-db has "drivers" for
each database, but they are really feature support abstractions that
run on top of your actual JDBC driver. Empire-db will not know or care
that you are using the DB2/OS400 JDBC driver.  Just use the DB2 driver
from Empire-db and everything should work. However, I did work a
project similar to Empire-db written in C# for .NET. Obviously that
did not use JDBC. The ADO.NET drivers and the SQL dialect for
DB2/OS400 did have some differences from standard DB2. In the driver I
think there were transaction isolation level differences. It may not
apply to JDBC. I do not remember what SQL difference were, but they
were minor. If you run into problems the fixes should be easy.

2) Connetion-pooling is outside the scope of Empire-db. Use connection
pooling from your web application server or some other method. Hand
Empire-db a pooled connection at the start of each operation and send
the connection back to your pool through ordinary means at the end.



2010/1/8 Frank Lupo <>:
> Hi,
> 1) Is possible to connect DB2/OS400?
> 2) How to use connection-pool on Empire-db?

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