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From McKinley <>
Subject Introduction and I submitted my first patch to Empire-db codegen
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 16:44:28 GMT

I am using Empire-db in a large project. It is working very well and
gives very good control over query generation. I love doing multi
table conditional joins! If you could see what I had to do before in
stored procedures you would weep :) I am using codegen entirely so
that schema changes will can always be automatically synchronized. In
my project I am using Empire-db to move data between SQL Server 2005
and MySQL among other things.

I have found it necessary for my needs to use custom velocity
templates (I do not need a "C_" prefix on my column names for
example). In some cases, I need different templates for SQL Server and
MySQL. Therefore, being able to specify a template folder in the
config file is convenient. I have added that.

There is a bug in codegen where a column named "state" will conflict
with DBRecord.getState() or was it DBRecord.setState()? I added a
feature to compare each generated accessor and mutator name against
the method names of DBRecord. If there is a conflict, "Column" is
appended to the getter name and setter name to keep them consistent. I
would like someone to answer the question quoted at the bottom of this
email to let me know if the column name in the table class will need
to be named consistent to the getter and setter too.

In one of my databases, my table names are already camel case so I
added a check for that in the javaClassName method. If '_' and ' ' are
not present (some schemas can have ' ' in the name) then it will not
try and uppercase beyond the first character.

There is a little hack for MySQL default value on timestamp data type.
It may be a hack or it may be the right way to do it, but I think it
should go into codegen now and get pushed upstream later or kept in
codegen but surrounded by checks from supported features in the
Empire-db database drivers.

The best feature I have added here is support for AUTOINC in codegen.
My schemas use AUTOINC but this introduces and interesting problem for
codegen. Codegen will not create the right Java data type in the
Record class for the AUTOINC column if we change the type.  So, I use
an attribute to store the base data type (usually int, but could be
others) and made changes to read that data type during the creation of
the Record class.

I am going to add quoted identifiers soon so that codegen will use the
table name "[Transcation]" instead of "Transaction" in the table class
generation. I have some schemas with a few reserved words used as
table or column names. Codegen will need wrap the proper quotes around
the column name when it writes to the super.addColumn("${}"...

Here is a like to the feature request and the patch is attached.



On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 2:52 PM, McKinley <> wrote:
> When I extend the DBRecord class (especially with the templates) and
> that type is used by a DBReader, what controls the assignment of data
> from the reader to the record data? Is it on the setter argument type
> or on on the setter name minus "set"?
> Thanks,
> McKinley

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