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From Benjamin Venditti <>
Subject Re: addColumn() but no addTable()
Date Sun, 06 Dec 2009 00:03:08 GMT
Hi there,

so currently there are two main issues:
    - relations
    - handling database specific things

i'll have a look on the relations soon, as i don't know where to start 
with handling the database specific things.

@ Francis:
 >>I think it might be usefull to have addTable() on a DBDatabase. This 
makes everything a bit more consistent in my eyes.

DBDatabase already has "addTable()" but by adding "addTable(String 
table)" it would really be more consistent.

@ Rainer:
I agree to remove the static accessor in the in the generated database, 
thus we make it a normal class instead of a singleton.
And about the two generic methods on the generated database class i'm 
not sure what to do.

Splitting the codegen into a writer and a parser almost only using 
DBDatabase objects was pretty straight forward. The only problem was 
that they don't cover accessor/mutator names but that could be solved 
with a additional ParserUtil class. Gladly it was even easier to 
implement the nested column classes :).

best regard

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