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From Rainer Döbele <>
Subject re: Some thoughts
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 09:20:39 GMT
Hi everyone,

thanks for everything you've done and I apologize for not being able to participate more frequently
at the moment.
But I will have a look at the code generator this weekend.

As far as your thought's are concerned:
My idea is that in the end the codegen should (primarily) become a Maven plugin. 
During development it is probably easier to have a console application, but it should indeed
be kept independent as Francis suggests.

About sl4j: I don't know much about the benefits compared to log4j. I have briefly followed
the link you provided but did not have time to get into further detail. So far I have never
had problems with log4j. 
The question is: Wouldn't we have to switch the entire project and not just the codegen to
slf4j and is it really worth it? If it's worth I wouldn't mind changing, but it's not on the
top of my list.


Francis De Brabandere wrote:
> re: Some thoughts
> Hi all,
> I cleaned up the code generator a bit. I hope I'm not too much
> interfering with you guys. Let me know if you don't agree with this
> way of working...
> Some thoughts:
> [codegen]
> - I think we should try to keep the code generator independent from
> the console application so that we can easily create and IDE or Maven
> plugin for the code generator.
> - We need to think about how to support multiple database vendors. I'm
> willing to have a go at a MySQL/Postgre version once we have torn out
> the database-specific stuff in one or more separate class(es).
> [general]
> - I'm a big fan of (unit) testing so I will probably add tests here
> and there over time... Automated integrations tests for HSQLDB, H2 and
> Derby should be possible. On the other hand testing is mostly of the
> time easier when using composition instead of inheritance.
> - I'd like to suggest to move to slf4j for logging as there are known
> issues with commons logging. See this page for some background info:
> Cheers,
> Francis
> --
> Microsoft gives you windows, Linux gives you the whole house.

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