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From Benjamin Venditti <>
Subject Re: Re: Code Generator [first insights]
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2009 23:13:02 GMT
  Hi Thomas,

i used your fixed files ( and BaseRecord.vm) and 
they worked fine. However, i still got a lot of compilation errors for 2 

1. I have no locking-columns in my tables. My testing database may be 
desinged bad, but i think it can't be assumed that every table has got a 
locking column.
    As a start and to simplify matters i just commented out everything 
that had to do with the locking-columns.

2. There are some wrong @override annotations, e.g. the "primary key 
getter" in "Record.vm" that implements a method instead of overriding it.
   I commented out the misplaced annotations.

###There is also a hard-coded reference to the DBDatabaseDriverMySQL class.
### The Database class should be modified so it can adjust to the 
database type.
### Any ideas how this could be done?

As you recommended i modified the files "" and the 
"Database.vm". I extended its constructor, so that the user has to supply
an instance of the DBDatabaseDriver that shall be used. I tested the 
modifications and they seem to work properly.

Unfortunately it looks like, that each different DBDatabaseDriver need a 
different setup routine. (check the list of relevant setup properties below)
So, e.g. if we use MySQL we need to call "setDatabaseName(...)", but if 
we use HSQL that function can't be called as it doesn't exist.
Have you got an idea how this could be solved classy?

---------------SETUP PROPERTIES-------------------
    setDatabaseName(String databaseName)

    -- nothing relevant

    setDatabaseName(String databaseName)

    setDatabaseName(String databaseName)
    setObjectOwner(String objectOwner)      -- could be relevant

    -- nothing relevant

    setDatabaseName(String databaseName)

    setDatabaseName(String databaseName)

I enclosed the files i modified in the e-mail, so you may have a look at 
my changes.


Thomas Poling schrieb:
> Greeting All:
> Thanks, Benjamin for testing it out.  You caught a good error - The 
> BaseRecord.vm template file had a hard-coded package name.  The 
> attached files should fix that issue.  The only change to the 
> DbCodeGenerator class is to the createBaseRecordClass() method.
> As far as the errors associated with get the database meta-data - this 
> could be a larger issue.  It seems the definitions of database 
> catalogs vs. schemas depends on the database.  There is also a 
> hard-coded reference to the DBDatabaseDriverMySQL class.  The Database 
> class should be modified so it can adjust to the database type.  Any 
> ideas how this could be done?
> Thanks, Tom
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Benjamin Venditti" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Monday, August 17, 2009 5:03 PM
> Subject: Code Generator [first insights]
>> Hi there,
>> first of all, many thanks to Thomas Poling" for supplying his code 
>> about the database generator, i'm looking forward to work with it. I 
>> really think this could be a very valuable addition to EmpireDB.
>> I compiled code generator you supplied and read the documentation and 
>> tried to execute it with a hsql-database some of my fellow students 
>> and i designed 2 years ago. Unfortunately i could not get it running 
>> out of the box. I had to make the following two adjustments in order 
>> to get the classes generated.
>> CHANGE 1:    dbcodegen.db.Database:73
>>        ResultSet tables = dbMeta.getTables(schemaName, null, "",  new 
>> String[] {"TABLE"});
>> changed to:
>>        ResultSet tables = dbMeta.getTables(null, schemaName, null, 
>> new String[] {"TABLE"});
>> CHANGE 2:    dbcodegen.db.Table:161
>>        ResultSet pkRs = dbMeta.getPrimaryKeys(null, schema, tableName);
>> changed to:
>>        ResultSet pkRs = dbMeta.getPrimaryKeys(schema, null, tableName);
>> The generated classes contain a lot of compilation errors, as the 
>> templates contain a few imports/references to classes like 
>> "tfmm.persistence.generated.TfmmDatabase".
>> I'm going to play around with the templates soon and let you know 
>> more about my results.
>> Benjamin

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