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From Francis De Brabandere <>
Subject Re: merging to maven layout
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2009 22:30:19 GMT
>> some things to discuss:
>>  - keep release of struts2 extension on different version numbers?
> Good question. Technically yes, since are only loosely coupled and not every change in
one of them requires a change of the other one. And if one day we have another component for
connecting Wicket or RCP we don't want them to have the same version number from the start,
do we?

It's a lot more work to split things up, in the end you'll have a lot
of projects to release.
In wicket they perform a release on the parent pom and all modules are
released automatically. I don't see a problem in starting a component
on a non-1.0 version.

>> Wicket for example releases all main extensions together and has a
>> wicketstuff project for other (external) extensions...
>>  - see what extra files need to be moved from the old structure (old
>> folder)
> The svn has been really slow today, I could hardly browse the repo.
> We surely need the readme files (I will move them when svn is quicker again).
> I am missing the tutorial.pdf. Any idea where it has gone?

in the samples examples project

>>  - I set up a temporary non-official snapshot maven repo at:
>> (daily snapshot
>> release in my CI server but the machine is not always powered on...)
>>  - The maven generated website is uploaded to:
>> but there still are
>> some problems, the site is handy for code coverage info and other
>> stuff:
>>    eg:
>> db/project-reports.html
> Looks great. But how do we combine that with our official project home page (that is
unfortunately harder to update and in many ways out of date).

once we have real releases we can push them to the apache incubator
maven repo:
for the site, we'll have to update it manually, we need a release
procedure anyway

>> I think that we should now think about having everything set up for a
>> 'correct' release. I'll add some more stuff later this week like
>> checking for apache headers, more unit tests,...
> Absolutely.
> Don't underestimate the legal stuff. The mentors and the incubator PMC will have a very
close look that everything is in the right place, all license information is given and apache
headers are present everywhere.
> About the testing: In theory automated unit testing is great but I am always a bit skeptical
that you get enough bangs for the buck. In our case, we need to make sure, that all three
sample applications run as provided plus we need to make sure that both the basic and the
advanced sample run correctly with every database driver we supply. It should be possible
to write a unit test for that, but it requires an environment where all database are installed.
> Since an official release is really a major thing, I could live (for now) with manual
testing of the above and concentrate our efforts on other things.

Are there any tools available to test the validity? Do you have an
export of the eclipse formatter available (empire-db code style)?

Testing the embedded drivers is not that hard and I can set up
mysql/postge tests as well on my CI server here at home but indeed
this is not crucial. On the other hand it doesn't hurt to have
everything covered by tests.

> BTW: Have you tested your new Drivers (postgree, h2 and derby) with both examples?

I only tested the main example, I'll test them again using both
examples later this week.

> I saw you have excluded those drivers from using the reverse function in the SampleApp
> Maybe we should find another example to show people how to perform complex column transformations.

I think we need a test/demo app that uses all available functions (or
at least the ones that work on all servers)

>> So in fact empire-db can already be tested by maven users, all they
>> need to do is add the snapshot repository in their projects's
>> pom/settings file.
> I think we need an official release and a registration in the central Maven repository
to really get things moving.

incubator releases can not be pushed to central as far as I know

> I would like to add two more examples to the project.
> One is a WebService that provided data from the database.
> The other one is a Stuts2 Web Application similar to the one we already have, but that
uses the WebService rather than direcly accessing the database. It shows that Empire-db's
metadata management facilities can even be used without a database.
> Is it OK if I just check the new projects in below the empire-db examples branch?

yep, you can copy the pom from the struts2 example and adjust the
artifact-id and name + put the module (module folder name) in the
examples parent pom

> P.S. Thanks again for your great work.

no problem, I'll be glad when we reach a release

Microsoft gives you windows, Linux gives you the whole house.

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