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From Thomas Fischer <>
Subject Re: Empire-db and Empire-Struts2-ext distribution with Maven support
Date Sun, 07 Dec 2008 20:14:59 GMT
To aid the decision how to add maven support to empire-db, I'll list the
merits and problems of the two steps as I see them. Francis, if you have
additions or if you disagree, please correct me.

Step 1: Provide a pom and upload it pluus the jars into the public maven

provides: Read access to empire-db via maven. In Detail: All users which
use maven to build their projects can pull the artifacts "the usual way"
by defining a dependency in their projects

- the pom needs to be edited manually with each release.
- the upload into the repository needs to be done manually each release.
- testing the uploaded pom and jars would involve an extra step in the

Step 2: use maven as a build System

provides: solves the problems in step 1

- the committers would have to learn a new build system.
- this would involve reorganisation of the project structure in svn.

This is not an advice, just providing information for the committers
to base their decision on.



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