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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject A first release process
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2012 14:47:26 GMT
So we have EasyAnt core, the end user executable, and the EasyAnt plugins, buildtypes and skeletons
(the build.xml pieces) to release.

All core and plugins have a build based on EasyAnt. Since this build loop, I have setup some
very basic build.xml so we can bootstrap a first release.

Here is the process I am suggesting:
- in plugins, buildtypes and skeletons:
-- do a svn tag.
-- invoke ant distributions: it will build a package to be publish
in the release area
-- invoke ant install-all: it will put every plugins into a shared repository locally on the
build machine
- in core:
-- do a svn tag
-- invoke ant run -Dtarget=distribution: this is building easyant, and then running easyant
with the plugins just installed in the shared repo. At the end we should have a
and a ready to be published in the release area
- push the * and * into the staging release area
- md5, sha1 and sign the zip files
- vote for the release

Once the process released finished, the source of this 0.9 will be then available via 4 zip
files. A zip distribution will be available to download for end user for immediate use.
And as an after release process, we would make the plugins, buildtypes and skeletons available
via our repository on

Does it sound good for everyone ?


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