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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: A first release process
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2012 18:19:08 GMT

Le 28 déc. 2012 à 17:42, Jean-Louis Boudart <> a écrit

> Sounds good for me.
> But i'm wondering if it won't be safer to replace the step :
> * invoke ant install-all: it will put every plugins into a shared
> repository locally on the build machine
> by
> * invoke ant install-all: it will put every plugins into a staging
> repository on
> For the first release i agree that it doesn't change anything.

The problem with that change is that only people having write access to could
then build a distribution of easyant. We must be sure there is a simple enough process for
people to build easyant from the sources.

> But for future, plugins could be released individually. To make them
> accessible (as they will not be in the main distribution)
> repo.easyant.orgcould be a good host. Like for the main distribution,
> we could use a
> staging area to make them accessible before being definitivly "public" (or
> "stable").
> WDYT ?

No objection. But we must make the difference between building a distribution and releasing.
Building a distribution should be possible to anyone having the sources. Making a release
should then be building a distribution but pushed onto Apache infra for the sources at least,
or somewhere else as for the binaries.


> 2012/12/28 Nicolas Lalevée <>
>> So we have EasyAnt core, the end user executable, and the EasyAnt plugins,
>> buildtypes and skeletons (the build.xml pieces) to release.
>> All core and plugins have a build based on EasyAnt. Since this build loop,
>> I have setup some very basic build.xml so we can bootstrap a first release.
>> Here is the process I am suggesting:
>> - in plugins, buildtypes and skeletons:
>> -- do a svn tag.
>> -- invoke ant distributions: it will build a
>> package to be publish in the release area
>> -- invoke ant install-all: it will put every plugins into a shared
>> repository locally on the build machine
>> - in core:
>> -- do a svn tag
>> -- invoke ant run -Dtarget=distribution: this is building easyant, and
>> then running easyant with the plugins just installed in the shared repo. At
>> the end we should have a and a
>> ready to be published in the release area
>> - push the * and * into the staging release area
>> - md5, sha1 and sign the zip files
>> - vote for the release
>> Once the process released finished, the source of this 0.9 will be then
>> available via 4 zip files. A zip distribution will be available to download
>> for end user for immediate use.
>> And as an after release process, we would make the plugins, buildtypes and
>> skeletons available via our repository on
>> Does it sound good for everyone ?
>> Nicolas
> -- 
> Jean Louis Boudart
> Independent consultant
> Apache EasyAnt commiter

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