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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Becoming part of the Ant project ?
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 18:25:55 GMT
Hi guys,

There was some discussion on the general@incubator.a.o mailing list [1] and it appears that
I misunderstood the sponsoring of the Ant project to EasyAnt. Maybe some of you too, so let's
clear it out.

The question is quite simple: do we want to be part of the Ant PMC or do we want to build
an independent PMC ?

If we want to build an independent PMC, then we should show that we can manage a PMC by building
a community, handling IP issues, releasing following the ASF guidelines, etc... This is the
so called incubation. And at some point we would "graduate" to be a PMC.

If we want to be part of the Ant PMC, it means the Ant PMC is willing to manage the code and
the releases of EasyAnt. So we don't have to do particular incubation, at least some IP clearance
(which we already did). The EasyAnt code would then be imported into Ant svn tree and we would
all get to be committers there. But releases would be voted by the Ant PMC. I'm the only active
EasyAnt committer which is also an Ant PMC member. So we would have to rely on the other Ant
PMC members to be available to vote on our releases, since we need at least 3 binding votes.
That's also why if we choose this route, the Ant PMC will have to vote to accept us before
anything can happen. This dependance on people not particularly involved in EasyAnt would
somehow resolve itself if some of you get promoted to be part of the Ant PMC which I have
no doubt it would happen :).

For my part, I understood the Ant sponsoring as becoming eventually part of Ant, which is
wrong, the incubator is even discussing about to remove this project sponsoring concept. So
I am in favor of the second choice.

What do you prefer ?



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