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From Jean-Louis Boudart <>
Subject Re: Easyant bootstrap doesn't build
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2011 09:49:06 GMT
Hum good catch, commons-cli was retrieved from my cache.

This raise the question : Should we have two different ivysettings, one for
easyant boostrap / build, and a second one shipped in easyant distribution
and used end user ?

Supposing we have the following chain of resollution in ivysettings.xml :

   - a localrepository (~/.easyant/repository by default)
   - an embedded resolver (using the new implementation of jar resolver)
   - an online repository accessible through http accessible at
   - an http resolver using maven central repository (if we decide to not
   use as a proxy of other online maven repository)

We'll probably use artifactory as a repository manager on to host all our stuff (plugins, buildtypes, tasks,
skeletons). Artifactory can acts as a proxy of other online repository see for
further details.

Here is how i imagine things :

   - Plugins, buildtypes, and additionnal tasks are published on This includes both Apache and non Apache plugins
   (i guess those not compatible with Apache policy such as checkstyle, sonar
   - Easyant is built with easyant. When building easyant itself we use the
   *same* ivysettings as the one used by default by end users (the one
   described above).
   - Nothing will be found in local repository
      - embedded resolver will probably be empty as were in bootstrap mode
      - it will fetch plugins from our online repository
   - How could we build the embedded repository ? We will probably ship one
   or many version of "core plugins" in easyant distribution as plugins can be
   updated but still be compatible with easyant-core. How could we maintain
   this ?
      - We could use <ivy:install> ant task to copy explicit version of core
      plugins from our official repository ( to a
      filesystem structure  that will be shipped in the jar. This can
be done as
      an intial step when creating easyant distribution.

If we use this flow we could use the same ivysettings as the one shipped by
default in easyant distribution and leverage maintenance of this file.

Any feedback would be really appreciated.

Le 26 septembre 2011 10:12, Nicolas Lalevée <> a
écrit :

> Le 25 sept. 2011 à 22:41, Jean-Louis Boudart a écrit :
> > On my computer, commons-cli is retrived from maven central repo. When you
> > tried the bootstrap build did you have access to internet ?
> In the bootstrap build (with ant, with the build.xml), it is hard coded to
> use repository/third-party-lib/third-party-ivysettings.xml. And it doesn't
> reference maven. So I guess it is wrong ?
> Nicolas

Jean Louis Boudart
Independent consultant
Apache EasyAnt commiter

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