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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: Clean up of some IP issues
Date Sat, 06 Aug 2011 14:56:17 GMT

Le 28 juil. 2011 à 13:38, Jean-Louis Boudart a écrit :

>> About the third, if anybody have to time to see the commits, he is welcomed
>> to help decide what we can do about it. See the diff-to-decide.txt
> Here are my comments based on your diff-to-decide :
> r517 : factorize  a set of <fileset> to create easyant distribution => not
> sure we can't get rid of this

finally it seems to be just some fileset moves, doesn't seems to have much IP. Added to diff-to-keep-2.txt

> In the  same commit modification on shell scripts doesn't seems to be
> related => could be reverted

added to diff-to-revert-2.txt

> r492 : his a workaround for a strange bug when ant locates ANT_HOME =>
> should be kept

I've added it to a diff-to-keep-2.txt

> r491: nothing to do it was for debug the commit has been already reverted =>
> nothing to do

I've checked, you're right. Already reverted.

> r490: seems like experimentation things related to ANT_HOME (the real fix is
> r492) => can be reverted

added to diff-to-revert-2.txt

> r489: invokes explicitly the generation of plugin documentation => can be
> reverted

added to diff-to-revert-2.txt

> r487:  fixes unit test and performance improvement of module resolution and
> repository report => not sure we can remove this

if it's just performance improvement, it's not critical to remove it, right ? We could improve
the performance later

> r485: huge enhancement on JarResolver's implementation (repository in a jar)
> => not sure we can remove this
> r485: jarresolver enhancement + repository resolver enhancement => not sure
> we can remove this

can we imagine we get rid of the jar resolver and implement a zip resolver ?

> r428: i think most of the code here doesn't exist now has it has been
> migrated in a separated plugin (package-test-jar) => nothing to do

well, some code has been moved, but the IP is still there.
Maybe we can get rid of the existing package-test-jar and reimplement it ?

> r427: enhancement on Import task, it was supposed to make or test easier =>
> can be reverted also related
> rest of the commit impacts antunit / test-utils => can be removed

added to diff-to-revert-2.txt

> r270: seems a short patch on submodule, it has been refactored a lot => i
> would say nothing to do :)

you're right, I cannot find the code in the trunk

> r239: almost all the documentation of multimodule => ???
> r232: tiny changes on build-tools v0.1 plugin (multi module) this plugin is
> now deprecated => can be removed from SVN

ok let's get rid of it.

> r207,205: css changes + introduces two new documentation pages
> -buildtypes.html and plugins.html => ???

I don't know what to do about docs

thanks for your help.


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