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From Sandu Turcan <>
Subject Re: metabuild on any module
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 04:08:13 GMT
> Looks good but it would probably be better to merge this feature in
> MetaBuildExecutor. I guess current implementation delegates to the
> ivy:buildlist task to compute an ordered list of submodules, this should be
> done outside of the executor making it much more reusable and extandable.
> Could we use a property instead of "target prefix" to specify the execution
> scope ("all","needed","dependencies","dependents") something like easyant
> -Dmeta.mode=needed clean packageĀ  ?
> What do you think ?

Funny you should mention that, the code has changed since then, and it
now supports these exact prefixes.
You can type
easyant needed:clean+publish-local test   # run 'clean' and
'publish-local' on needed and 'test' on the current module
or easyant dependents:publish-local
etc., all 4 of them.
It allows you to have a target in your build dependent on a "prefixed"
target and it will work, the executor will handle both cases. This
wouldn't work with -Dmeta.mode, because it assumes picking one mode
over the other, no interoperability.
It's also a shorter and more intuitive syntax, I think.

> Then emma plugin and my property will be accessible in my submodule. I can
> give you more detail on this if you want, i'll update the documentation
> soon.
> Combining meta-build feature with module-inheritance could be really
> powerful.

localconfig is mostly to configure easyant itself. I use it to specify
where my eclipse workspace and intellij config is (project generation
uses that). Also depending on the project I can choose a different
location of ivysettings.xml.
In other words we're talking about machine/developer specific settings
that don't belong in the source repository.
You don't ever have to use a different command for the build tool, the
configuration gets picked up based on where you are.

> I also noticed that you've created a plugin to generate IDE's configuration
> files. I haven't tested it yet but looks like promosing.
> Is eclipse with IvyDE supported ?
No, it generates regular projects for eclipse and intellij, I didn't
want to require additional plugins in either.
It does a slightly better job in intellij because it takes advantage
of native support for test sources, runtime dependencies, and
It needs EASYANT-24 to work though, so I can only use it with my own
tool for now.

> Thanks for your interest
> --
Thank you for your effort.


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