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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: EasyAnt online repository
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2011 12:46:28 GMT

Le 19 avr. 2011 à 15:22, Jean-Louis Boudart a écrit :

> Hi there,
> As discussed many times we reach the point where we need an online
> repository.
> While reviewing the licences of the software included in the svn tree
> of Easyant, some dependency on external LGPL library was found. There
> are somehow optional to EasyAnt core, but not for the "plugin" dedicated to
> the integration of that third library. A consensus was found by the
> developer community to not release such software under the ASF.
> In other words source of plugins compatible with ASL will be hosted
> @Apache.
> For plugins non compatible with ASL (checkstyle for example) they need to be
> hosted outside Apache.
> Possible hosting for sources can be :
>   - Apache Extras ( more
>   a googlecode referenced as "related to apache project" but where we can't
>   use the name Apache (or the org.apache as package name)
>   - GitHub
>   - Whatever
> Then about hosting releases  we have a lot of options as we use Ivy. So we
> can use any of existing resolvers (see
> A few ideas  :
>   - Using and URLResolver  : i'm not sure Apache
>   Infrastrure team will allow us to do this as it is supposed to be mirrored.
>   If we use we should support mirroring
>   - Using with a mirrorring resolver : It seems
>   someone of the ivy/easyant team has just commited a new resolver supporting
>   http mirroring :p

yep, see:

>   - Using SVN Resolver ( pointing to our
>   sources repositories

I don't think that will a better idea than using

>   - Using a repository manager (like nexus or artifactory)
>   - Hosting our plugins on Maven central repository

There is

> Note that only plugins compatible with ASL can be hosted on
> Should we have one central repository, hosting all our releases ? or should
> we have many one for plugins compatible with ASL and another one for non
> compatible ?
> What do we expect from an online repository?
> Do we plan to host only release ? Should we use it to publish kind of
> "snapshot" (i hate this word but consider it as non release version)? Should
> we want to support stagging,  promoting a plugin to different stage could be
> cool isn't it?
> Don't forget that we'll probably host ".jar" files as we will probably write
> new ant tasks, patch ant or ivy and in a near future we should be able to
> write easyant plugins in java or groovy.
> What do you think ?

We could try using that mirrored url resolver on the The setup would have
to be done quite manually by us.
Or there is the managed repository thing, where it would probably be simpler to managed but
I never use ones myself.

I don't have strong feeling about one over the other. I then have a preference for one which
appears to be the simplest, the nexus.


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