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From "Purkayastha, Siddhartha" <>
Subject RE: EasyAnt Build
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2011 16:05:27 GMT
I feel the same way about dev 'tips & trips' and similar stuff - being a better fit in
Though - I think we can wait before we plan for one.
We will probably not have much use of it right now.


From: Nicolas Lalevée []
Sent: Thu 3/24/2011 2:47 AM
Subject: Re: EasyAnt Build

Le 23 mars 2011 à 17:45, Jean-Louis Boudart a écrit :

> 2011/3/23 Purkayastha, Siddhartha <>
>> IMHO, it is okay to have documentation that we are shipping to be less
>> likely to change between the time of two releases. For example,
>> architecture, design, tutorials, reference documentation etc. But, may be
>> for development tips, how to build (bootstrap using easyant or simply ant),

on that specific part, I think it will be good to be part of the doc. As we'll publish the
sources, it'll be good to have some doc about how to build it within the distribution.

>> any pointers of setting up IDE or other dev help / notes, a wiki may be
>> better. Only my thoughts, though I do not feel very strongly about this.
> So it would probably better to have those information on our website instead
> of in the documentation.
> Having a wiki could be useful but for enduser its a bit upside down.

About any other tips and trips, they can be put on a wiki.

Just to let you know that the wiki pages cannot be technically part of the website, the confluence
html export into websites is deprecated, and replaced by the ASF CMS. But we can have a link
from the website to the wiki obviously.

I was an advocate of using confluence as a wiki for Ivy. But considering the use we have of
it today (nearly none), I won't push to have a wiki, to not waste infra resources. But if
this developer community want a confluence space or a moin-moin one, we can ask the infra.


> ________________________________
>> From: Jean-Louis Boudart []
>> Sent: Wed 3/23/2011 3:17 AM
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: EasyAnt Build
>> 2011/3/22 Purkayastha, Siddhartha <>
>>> Hi All -
>>> I was looking at EasyAnt after a long time today.
>>> While we are discussing infrastructural and legal issues, I thought of
>>> bringing up a few technical points / questions:
>>> 1. Is there a place which we can develop as developer's guide? I guess it
>>> may be very helpful for interested developers to work on EasyAnt. To
>> start
>>> with: documenting the set up and build process, a design description -
>> which
>>> we could gradually develop over time? Is there something like that
>> already I
>>> dont know of ..  :-). I think a wiki was mentioned in some previous
>>> discussion. Can we try to make it a repository of developer resources?
>> I would prefer to be shipped in our documentation. People downloading our
>> sources would have every helpful informations offline to develop in
>> easyant-core itself or how to write / submit plugins.
>>> 2. The EasyAnt build on head now seems to have a problem. I am not sure
>> if
>>> I have the ant dependencies on my setup correct, so did not try to make
>> any
>>> fix., line 166 is using an @Override annotation whereas the
>>> method is not a superclass inheritance. This is causing the build to
>> fail. I
>>> tried running ant clean dist and easyant with a preexisting ant 1.8.2
>>> install.
>> I didn't get this error. It looks like @Override is not needed here.
>> Siddhartha: It was probably happening because I was using 1.5 JDK. The
>> problem doesnt happen with 1.6. Still it may be a good idea to remove this.
> Yes we can remove it
>>> 3. I tried to bootstrap the build of the current version on HEAD using
>>> EasyAnt 0.8 but, that did not work.I am wondering given that EasyAnt is
>>> dependent on Ant, is it really worthwhile to build easyant using itself?
>>> Even if we are using EasyAnt, internally it is still Ant. The EasyAnt
>> build
>>> itself will be much easier to understand then.
>> There are two options  to bootstrap easyant distribution :
>> * using deploy target our build.xml for bootstraping target/dist (it
>> basically compile easyant-core and invokes EasyAntMain under the hood)
>> * using another easyant distribution
>> Being able to build easyant using itsellf allow us to reuse existing
>> plugins.
>> Even if we use ant under the hood of easyant it's not possible (yet) to use
>> easyant plugins outside of easyant as we extends some classes of ant core
>> (Main, ProjectHelper) to support phases. Note that our plugins also uses
>> easyant tasks (<ea:parameter> for example).
>> I must admit that it's a bit complex, but this would probably refactored
>> when we will have a public repository for plugins as we will refactor our
>> build  and distribution.
>> Siddhartha: Makes sense.
>>> 4. Currently, after running the EasyAnt build, I see three directories
>>> being created inside target: dist, distribution, and distributions. Other
>>> than dist, the other two directories are empty. Should we be retaining
>> all
>>> three? Are the three meant to serve different purposes?
>> target/dist = is a local distribution of easyant (used for developpment of
>> easyant-core itself)
>> target/distribution and target/distributions seems redundant to me. They
>> are
>> both used to store easyant distribution archives (zip, tarballs, etc...)
>> Siddhartha: Should I create a JIRA for this and removing the override
>> annotation?
> As far as i know there is no explicit rule for this @Apache.
> By the way i would recommend to trace everything impacting the code on Jira.
> --
> Jean Louis Boudart
> Independent consultant
> Project Lead <> 

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