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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Website
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2011 10:34:26 GMT
Hi guys,

(most of this email is quite a duplicate of the one I have done on ant-dev)

Finally I looked myself into how the Apache CMS works.
So basically it is about having somewhere in svn the sources of the website in markdown format.
A buildbot job then takes care of building the html files and commit them into a "staging"
branch. The staging branch is published via svnpubsub to Then we can trigger
a merge of the staging branch into a production one. Another buildbot build the html file
and again a svnpubsub push it to

For thoses who don't know, svnpubsub is a tool developed by the ASF infra in order to have
svn changed quite quickly and efficiently retrieved. The ASF infra is promoting it for website

For our needs, I think it would be great to have both a staging and a production branches,
so there would also be a

About having a buildbot to build the website, I don't think it is possible with xooki, as
the current build around xooki is not able to make the distinction between a change in the
template and a change in a source. So the build doesn't know wether to build the changed files
or the entire website. As the xooki generation is quite slow, if there is a lot of page like
in the Ivy site, it can takes ages.

But I think this is still workable with xooki. So what I suggest is having the following svn
* incubator/easyant/site/sources
* incubator/easyant/site/staging
* incubator/easyant/site/production
And the process will be:
* edit the xooki files in "sources"
* locally launch a build so that "staging" get populated (and we are the smart ones which
will either launch a build for an update or a launch for a complete rebuild)
* commit the generated files in "staging"
* "staging" get automatically deployed on via
* promoting to live will be about svn merging the "staging" into the "production" branch
* the merge commit in "production" will be automatically be deployed on
via svnpubsub



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