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From Antoine Levy Lambert <>
Subject Re: The website
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2011 15:45:12 GMT

On 2/17/11 2:52 PM, Jean-Louis Boudart wrote:
> I was also in favor of using Xooki as we already use it for documentation.
> We already have a xooki plugin for easyant that can handle history a la ivy.
> By the way i don't know enough Apache infrastructure to know how we could
> deal for publication and how to enhance the publication workflow. Reading
> your description here seems to highlight that Apache CMS would be easier to
> maintain / use.
As Nicolas says he can contact Infrastructure and ask them whether a 
more integrated workflow around xooki is possible. I will support that. 
I think infrastructure should support several source formats for web 
sites and not make it a constraint to use a particular form of markup as 
source code.
> Le 17 février 2011 18:49, Nicolas Lalevée<>  a
> écrit :
>> As one of the first steps, I think we should setup a web site.
>> Then comes the question about the tool to use.
>> I am in favor of using xooki, since the current documentation is also based
>> on it. We could also imagine using the Apache CMS for the site, and xooki
>> for the doc.
>> The pros for the Apache CMS is that it is well supported by the infra team.
>> It has a build-in notion of staging website: get some preview before going
>> live; here is the example of the main asf staging site :
>> Something nice too is that we only need to
>> edit the templates, the building and committing of the actual html files are
>> delegated to a buildbot. Last but not least, once build, the doc get onto
>> the staging or the production websites in few seconds.
>> Interesting links about the CMS:
>> The pros for xooki is that is can manage the tree of content of the
>> site/documentation (see the tree on the left on the Ivy site:
>> I think this is a important feature. Then
>> about build and deployment, lots of manual steps. You'll have to build
>> things locally, and commit them yourself. Then go to and
>> do a svn up there. And wait few hours to finally get it online.
>> We use that process for both Ivy and IvyDE website. I'm trying to find a
>> way to improve this, working a have a quite similar process to the Apache
>> CMS one. This change is also needed because the infra team is willing to
>> depreciate for website publishing in favor of the Apache
>> CMS. But I didn't find a way yet to use xooki within the CMS workflow.
>> I'm in favor in choosing xooki, betting that I'll find a way to deal with a
>> better workflow.
>> But if I fail the site will have to be migrated to the CMS, which might be
>> some piece of work.
>> WDYT ?
>> Nicolas

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