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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Committer access for all asf committers?
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2008 19:40:44 GMT
> Every ASF committer that has demonstrated his/her commitment to droids
> through the normal meritocracy policy we have on the ASF will be voted
> in from all active PMC members.
> New droids developer (non-ASF committers) are need to demonstrate
> his/her commitment through the normal meritocracy policy we have on  
> the
> ASF. If they get voted in as committer their should as well become  
> part
> of the PMC since if they are committed to the project they should have
> as well a binding vote."

I suggest we let any ASF committer who *wants* to be a committer on  
droids be a committer.  Unless there are tons of requests to  
root@apache, I'm not sure I see the value it having global write access.

As for the PMC, I'm fine with every committer being on the PMC (though  
- of course - it does not make sense if all ASF committers are on the  
PMC).  But I think this will depend more on if it becomes a TLP or sub  
project.  In practice I don't see it really making a difference, as  
Grant noted, every vote I have seen (in solr) does not treat PMC/ 
committers/public any different -- a -1 is usually a -1 for good reason.

In my opinion, the only need for a semi-private group dedicated to  
droids is to discuss and decide what non-committers should become  

I think we can use the droids committer status as a way to signify  
commitment/involvement in a project rather then a way to exclude  
contribution.  I think we can have an inclusive committer policy  
without tossing the general model.


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