- Does DM let me specify a cache size limit? Say I want to devote 6GB to cache, and when that limit is reached, expired cached items will be automatically evicted first, after that cached will be evicted based on LRU. Does DM support something like that?

- Does DM support a tiered cache hierarchy? For example, 2GB will be cached on heap, beyond that there's 6GB off-heap cache

- How is DM's performance compared to ehcache? How many sets and gets can it do per second?

Appreciate your help

From: Raffaele P. Guidi <>
To:; Andy <>
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 2:02 AM
Subject: Re: Status of DirectMemory

I would say it is ready to be tested :) also, you should consider it if you need a multi-gb of cache but consider that objects in DM are (transparently) serialized, so you can't call their methods or read their properties until you retrieve them. If this fits your use case then DirectMemory is right for you (and we are here to help).
Il giorno 20/gen/2012 07:47, "Andy" <> ha scritto:

Is DirectMemory ready for production? If not, is there any estimated timeline?

Also, at what point should I move from on-heap to off-heap cache? 4GB of cached data? 10GB? 20GB? Any rules of thumb there?

Thank you.