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From Olivier Lamy <>
Subject chicken and eggs issue in Cache class (configuration mechanism)
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 17:59:14 GMT
Currently Solr test failed due to a chicken and eggs issue.

    private static CacheService cacheService = new CacheServiceImpl(
getMemoryManager() );

    public static void init( int numberOfBuffers, int size, int
initialCapacity, int concurrencyLevel )
        cacheService.init( numberOfBuffers, size, initialCapacity,
concurrencyLevel );

    public static MemoryManagerService getMemoryManager()
        return cacheService.getMemoryManager();

This Cache class is a bit confuse IMHO.
What is the purpose of this class exactly ? it looks to duplicate

I wonder about having like CacheFactory (or an other name) with a
DirectMemoryConfiguration class. I would prefer change the current
Cache class with that.

class DirectMemoryConfiguration {
  List<CacheRegion> cacheRegions;

class CacheRegion {
  String name;
  int numberOfBuffers;
  int size;
  int initialCapacity;
  int concurrencyLevel,
  String memoryManagerClazz; // optionnal

Basically this will instantiate a CacheServiceImpl per cacheRegion.

BTW after we can talk about a configuration file mechanism.


Lemme if that makes sense for you.

Olivier Lamy
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