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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject Just to keep discussions alive...
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 15:12:25 GMT
Hi all guys,

a lot of new ideas and contributions have joined DM in the last days -
and thanks all for participating, that means that the community is
healthy! :) - I would encourage anyway you all on closing some pending
arguments, before that discussions arrive to nowhere.

I tried to put (almost, apologize in advance if I forgot something,
that was not intentional!) all of them in a kind of "priority queue"

on core module:

 * as Daniel suggested on JIRA, put/update methods shall be unified, a
la java.util.Map#put(K, V);
 * as Daniel suggested on JIRA, Serializers have to (de)serialize
directly on/to ByteBuffer instances, rather than manipulating byte[];
 * access directly to the stored ByteBuffer: actually current impl is
a turnaround that created a little of confusion on the following
 * Generics: there is the general agreement to have a Cache<K, V>;
 * Michael suggested concurrency and lower level stuff, hopefully will
contribute some patches;
 * APIs: couldn't resist, actual signatures are IMHO confusing (the
order matters!) so a decision has to be taken to switch or not to
fluent APIs, or at least review the original one.


 * Karaf: Ioannis is taking care of it;
 * Solr: I was no longer able to run it on my local machine, I hope
TomNaso will have some spare time to help;
 * EHCache: fine, still to be imported (subjected to core modifications) ;
 * more serializers: Kryo, ..., for benchmarks (?!?);
 * Olivier's REST server (in progress).

Does it look complete?


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