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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject DM modularization
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 21:28:36 GMT
Hi all guys,

I've finally got the chance - because I also have the need - to do
some serious work on DM - now setting up the environment, experiencing
the following issues and also got following considerations (some of
them already afforded but discussions where to nowhere):

disclaimer: I am not an OSGi guru, but I've been a modularization
advocate time before OSGi got popularity, so I would like to apply the
same approach as well:

 * serializers: all serializers are included by default, I am
convinced that protostuff serializer can could be extracted as a
separated module and maybe among other 3rd parties serializers, such
as Kryo <>, ASF Thrift
<> and Avro <>, and
the newer Message Pack <> - users could plug their
preferred serializer depending on their taste/needs/...

 * net.sf.josql:gentlyweb-utils:1.5 artifact not found - I did a
little research and found it on <> -
while the feature of having an embedded query language is really cool,
IMHO it could be part of an auxiliary module. I mean, basic query
system must be supported by combining objects (and fluent APIs could
help) but I'm not fully convinced on having it as foundation of our
core module...

A side question for Raf: I am not aware about performances, but why
did you prefer j.u.Formatter.format( messagePattern, Object... args
).toString() over String.format( messagePattern, Object... args ) ?
I extensively used the j.u.Formatter in Commons-Digester3 but for
chaining more than one format in the same message, but I didn't notice
the benefit of using it for single shot... TIA!

As you can see, my proposal is having a minimal DM core, with less
dependencies as possible, that can be easily enriched with aux

please provide your feedbacks, I have some time/energy to put on DM
and glad to do it!

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