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From Michael André Pearce <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1293567 - in /incubator/directmemory/trunk: directmemory-cache/src/main/java/org/apache/directmemory/memory/ integrations/ehcache/ integrations/ehcache/src/ integrations/ehcache/src/main/ integrations/ehcache/src/main/java/ integrati
Date Sun, 26 Feb 2012 01:13:35 GMT
Hi Simon.

>> DirectMemoryCache is to support all features needed from directmemory to support
the store, and thus to support extra functions/features or changes of behaviour for direct
memory needed for ehcache integration which we wouldn't necessarily want to put into the core,
agreed atm this does make this a bit of a pass through layer but i can i can see several items
already that would want specific to ehcache, atm it has two features it is supplying size
and capacity in bytes of the cache.
> I see, indeed saving sizeInBytes() and capacityInBytes(), it just
> wraps CacheService methods, but... what prevents that
> DirectMemoryCache uses directly a CacheService instance? I continue
> not seeing advantages by this composition, DirectMemoryStore can
> comfortably calculate these sizes by invoking the same routines.

Its more about logical ownership, the logic/method of how to retrieve the size in bytes is
dependant on the underlying cache in our case DirectMemory, the store should not need to have
to have any logic or understanding on how to calculate the size or capacity, it should just
be given it. If we can push these two methods to the core cache, then as with below this could
be removed until another need arises.

>> On the MemoryManagerServiceWithAllocationPolicyEhcacheImpl this originally was to
change behaviour of MemoryManagerServiceWithAllocationPolicyImpl to throw boe instead of what
was the current behaviour of returning null, (which actually does cause an npe in the cacheservice
implementation which probably needs to be fixed) , but anyhow, exception behaviour handling
allows to wrap into ehcache cache exception nicely. Benoit migrated this functionality actually
into directmemory core so yes agreed this could be removed now. (though i would think about
leaving it for now maybe, as with like argument for the directmemory cache, if there is features
we want specific to the ehcache integration, that in furture we wouldnt want in the main core,
then it is can be placed here).
> I would suggest to keep only lifeblood stuff in order to maintain a
> lightweight design, then adding them back in a second time when the
> real need comes.

agreed this is more agile and as atm we dont have any specifics now for EH i will look to
remove if everyone is happy with. 

> thanks for your feedbacks!

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