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From Maurizio Cucchiara <>
Subject Re: Integration vs Unit tests
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2011 23:33:23 GMT
Thank Raffaele for your feedback.
Run integration tests on nightly build is a good idea.
>should fail if performance degrades
This is also a good idea, personally I have not a big experience in
this field, we can consider to use timeout parameter of junit, but I
think that execution time is related to the resource business (Jenkins
instances are usually shared with other projects). Maybe there is a
jenkins plugin, some jenkins guru might give us the right answer :).

FYI I have just filed an issue on this topic

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Maurizio Cucchiara

On 31 December 2011 00:12, Raffaele P. Guidi <> wrote:
> A good idea. I used to have a completely separate project for benchmarks,
> with an older implementation. I to think these should run nightly instead
> than continuously and should fail if performance degrades - but at the time
> I didn't have a CI server.
> +1
> Il giorno 30/dic/2011 22:58, "Maurizio Cucchiara" <>
> ha scritto:
>> Personally I like very much junit-benchmark  (thanks to Raffaele who
>> let me know about it), I also understand that accessing to memory
>> might produce concurrency issues, but I think that integration tests
>> provide many benefits that unit tests do not (and vice versa).
>> Moreover, benchmarks are much more expansive in terms of
>> time/resources consume.
>> Slow tests give a slow feedback and in the long run might discourage
>> developers from running tests.
>> So I'd love to keep them separate and maybe introduce a maven
>> profile/var to skip benchmarks.
>> WDYT?
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>> Maurizio Cucchiarae

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