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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1187724 - in /incubator/directmemory/trunk: Misc/Artwork/ src/site/ src/site/resources/images/ src/site/xdoc/
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2011 11:18:56 GMT
Hola Raf!

> Hey there!
>>> Why? Don't you like having the modules enlisted?
> Generation didn't get completed and resulted in missing links - I wanted to
> publish some fixes first. Let's fix modules and put it them back online

OK it makes sense!

>>> This is nice even if it breaks xdoc specification, luckily doesn't block
> site generation!
> Site generation works fine (the generated site is online, as you can see),
> and, in any case, any valid xhtml should be allowed there, according to the
> specification. Am I missing something?

IIUC checking the index page against the declared schema[1], <body>
chile elements are <section>.
Anyway like we both wrote, since it doesn't block site generation, can
stay as is.

>>> +    <section name="Disclaimer" aaaclass="alert-message warning">
>> is this a bug or a feature? :)
> I just wanted to comment out that class - which turns in the ugliest double
> orange box I've ever seen :D I'll fix it and push again in svn.

There's not so much we can do from our side, the problem is in the
Doxia plugin that assign to the <h1> element the same class of the
parent <div>. I already filled an issue (that should have already been
fixed) so with next Doxia release that will be automatically fixed.

> Hope I'm not making too much noise, still learning things... but I think the
> site looks a bit better, now :P

No noise at all, thanks for your effort!
Have a nice weekend!


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