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From Nick Chalko <>
Subject resent Re: ant dependencies task
Date Mon, 06 Sep 2004 07:55:00 GMT
Looks great.  Depot is an excellent place for this.
 We have a very similar task except it builds a fileset.
 Id looks like this.

         <repository id="maven" url="" remote="true" />
         <repository id="nickchalko-sandbox"
 url="" remote="true" />
         <cachedset id="depot-version.dependent.jars">
                 <artifact name="servletapi" ext="jar" version="2.3" repository="maven"
                 <artifact name="junit" ext="jar" version="3.8" repository="maven" />
                 <artifact name="ant" ext="jar" version="1.6" repository="maven" />

 Where can I see yor code, I am very interested in what you did.
 I had a lot of trouble using the ant FileSet the way I wanted to.


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